Weekly Blog #4


Unfortunately due to the coronavirus we have had to close Beckenham and West Wickham Montessori Pre Schools until further notice. We hope to open both pre schools again after the easter holidays although we understand it could be a little longer than that. As usual I will keep you informed of any news as and when we get it. 


During this difficult time I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the year so far at Beckenham and West Wickham pre schools. We have done many activities that have been very enjoyable for everyone. Here are some examples…

Lockdown activities 

As we all know the long hours spent indoors can drive us all crazy at times. Therefore our montessori qualified Manager Sarah will be updating our Facebook page regularly for montessori inspired activities. Our aim with this is to make sure children will continue to receive a good learning experience which can keep them entertained until we can open the pre schools again soon. All newcomers welcome. The link can be found here...

NHS Staff

We’d like to thank all NHS staff for doing such an amazing job. Currently we have several parents working long hours for the NHS and their work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The round of applause from many people up and down the country at 8pm on Thursday evening (26th March) was a lovely touch.

United Reformed Church Hall, Oakhill Road, Off Crescent Road, BR3 6NQ

A final note…

At this time, I think it’s important for us all to remember why the government lockdown is so necessary. Not only does it save many lives, but it means that we can solve the problem early so our children won’t have it in the future. Hopefully we can move past this virus quickly and open both Beckenham and West Wickham Montessori pre school’s as soon as possible. Stay Safe. 

valentines day.jpg


Learning about the planets

Learning about snails

Valentines day