Weekly Blog #5

Easter Holidays

Coronavirus Update

We hope you and your family are keeping safe during this lockdown. As of yet there is no new information we can give you in regard to when Beckenham and West Wickham montessori pre schools will be open again. As usual we will keep you updated on any changes.


Easter Holidays

With the weather as nice as it is we wanted to give you a few ideas of what you can do with your children both indoors and outdoors. 


Forest School during spring time

There are around 75 wild species of tulips and 150 species in total with over 3000 varieties.  

They come in many colours. You can get your children to spot tulips and tell you what colours they are.

Bluebells are also blossoming. They can be blue, white or pink. What colours can you and your children find? 

Lots of trees are in full bloom in many different colours. 

Many birds are nesting during the springtime, spotting nests in trees and watching the birds feeding their young is great fun.



If you live in Beckenham, Kelsey park is a great place to see different plants, animals, trees etc. If you walk around the whole park you will see an egyptian geese with their chicks...


Caution: Please remember to keep a safe distance from anyone else due to the current coronavirus



Easter- Arts and Crafts

These two are easy to make and delight all children...

United Reformed Church Hall, Oakhill Road, Off Crescent Road, BR3 6NQ

rabbit 2.jpg

We have also regularly been updating the Facebook page for activities for your children to do. Be sure to check those out using the following link here..


We hope you have a great easter!