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Welcome to Beckenham Montessori Pre-school. We are a small and exclusive sessional pre-school offering Montessori education and learning for children ages between 2 and 4 years old since 1976

On most days we have 4 teachers, most of which are level 4 and above, teaching a total of 10 children, giving the best possible education to the children.

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Our main focus is to unlock the potential of your child and give them the opportunity to excel in all areas of development, in an environment that gives them the independence and confidence to learn at their own pace.

Beckenham Montessori is based next to Clare House Primary School where it has been situated since September 2022. Before this the pre-school operated in the United Reformed Church in Beckenham for over 35 years.  In 1990 it was launched with a Montessori programme which we passionately maintain today. For more info on our educational philosophy, please visit out 'Learning and Development page' here.

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